The End12 campaign and Greens bill recognises that people of diverse genders may need to access abortions and abortion services. Although the criminality and stigmatisation of abortion is a result of sexism (the Crimes Act explicitly criminalises a “woman with child”), many transgender men, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people need to access reproductive health care, including abortion services. Moreover, transgender women who do not have uteruses are no less “women” by not requiring abortion services.

Transgender people already face particular difficulties in accessing healthcare services, especially in relation to their sexual and reproductive health. For many people, accessing an abortion clinic can be distressing, which can be compounded if people are forced to present as something they are not, or are “read” as something they are not.   

This is made worse by the potential presence of anti-abortion groups who harass people around reproductive health clinics – groups that are well known for having anti-LGBTIQ agendas.

While positioning abortion law reform as a feminist campaign, responding to historical and entrenched attacks on the bodies of women, The Greens bill is deliberately gender neutral because we know that a huge range of people need to access abortion clinics. The bill itself refers to the rights of patients and people accessing abortions.  

By making abortion more accessible and removing the shadow of criminality that hangs over it, we are hopeful to see an expansion of reproductive health services for all people, including transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people.